Buy Colored contact lenses online

Buy cheap colored contact lenses

Now it is more possible than ever to have the eye color you always wanted, and that is that, for this, you only have to choose your favorite color and buy cheap colored contact lenses.

At Ópticas Avenida, we have a wide variety of colors in our contact lenses with the best price guaranteed. Learn about the different types and colors available in our store.

Types of colored contact lenses

When we refer to types of cheap colored contact lenses, we must mainly distinguish between those that are going to be used occasionally, for a specific and special moment, or those that are going to be used for a long time, which usually last about a month and that they will cause the color to remain distinct for that entire time.

Like by duration, the types of colored contact lenses can be classified according to whether they are graduated or not, that is, if you suffer from some type of myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism, you should use graduated colored contact lenses.

Prescription colored contact lenses

Today, there is a type of colored contact lenses for almost everyone, especially for those who need prescription colored contact lenses. For example, at Ópticas Avenida we have these green contact lenses to change the design of your eyes and your look, in addition, each box contains two units.

Without a doubt, prescription colored contact lenses are perfect for those people who would like to have a change in their look despite suffering some vision problems.

colored contact lenses without graduation

If you are looking for cheap colored contact lenses without prescription, at Ópticas Avenida we also have them. These are also green colored contact lenses, and they will give your eyes an intense and striking tone, a success both for special moments and to be used for a longer period of time.

Contact Lens Colors

As we have already mentioned, at Ópticas Avenida we have a wide variety of contact lens colors, so that it is easier to choose the next color for your eyes.

Whatever it is, we are sure that we can help you achieve it, in our online store you can see all the available ones.

Blue contact lenses

Blue contact lenses are always a hit, there is no color that draws more attention to the eyes than blue.

The demand for cheap colored contact lenses is closely related to blue contact lenses, because who hasn’t ever wanted to have blue eyes? Now it is possible with our cheap colored contact lenses.

Green contact lenses

If you are looking for a change in your look, but you do not want it to become as intense as blue, green contact lenses are for you.

Gray contact lenses

Although there are many who dream of having green or blue eyes, the color of gray contact lenses is not far behind. A most peculiar color, which undoubtedly attracts attention and will remain in the mind of all those who look at the eyes.

Brown contact lenses

Are you looking for a change, but without risking too much? Perhaps the color of brown contact lenses is the most suitable for you.

Our Optix Colors brown colored contact lenses are a perfect option to change your eye color in an elegant way.

Honey contact lenses

Finally, the fashionable color in recent years when it comes to contact lenses, are honey contact lenses. Without a doubt, this color will bring a soft tone to your eyes.

At Ópticas Avenida, you can buy cheap colored contact lenses, we have a wide variety of colors both in our online store and in our on-site store in Fuengirola.

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