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Cat-eye glasses

The glasses commonly known as cat-eye glasses were created and became a trend during the 1950s and 1960s, giving way to other more daring and different shapes of glasses.

Lifting effect of cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses can turn the shape of the face into a V-shape, that is to say, it refines the jaw area creating a false lifting effect or a thinner face. In addition, it can give a different touch of personality to your face.

Cat-eye glasses are versatile glasses and will suit every face, making them ideal for everyone.

Styles of cat-eye sunglasses

Like other sunglasses, cat-eye glasses can be made from different materials, each with a different style or touch – perfect for all tastes!

Some of the cat-eye glasses are:

Acetate frames: these are the cat-eye glasses that have a wider frame and are made of a resistant material. Very useful for everyday wear.
Thin and/or metallic frames: this type of cat eye glasses can be thinner and more delicate, perfect for a touch of elegance with personality.
Patterned: in addition to having a striking shape, the frame of cat eye glasses can have amazing prints that will catch all eyes.

Types of cat-eye glasses

Cat eye glasses can be either sunglasses or prescription glasses, and we can even adjust your sunglasses to create the perfect combination.

At Optica Avenida we have amazing models of cat eye glasses and we will be happy to help you and solve your doubts. Let’s go for your ideal cat eye glasses!