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Polaroid sunglasses: the best combination of protection and style

Polaroid glasses are an option that, in addition to protecting your vision with the latest technology, you can find designs in line with the latest trends and shapes. Polaroid glasses have a long history since the 70’s, where they started to gain importance under the slogan “Nobody knows the sun better”.

Why buy polaroid glasses?

Polaroid glasses have many advantages that you should know about and that we are sure will make you decide to buy one of our polaroid glasses.
Unique and advanced technology

The lenses of polaroid glasses are specifically designed to optimally filter out harmful UV rays and harmful reflections. Polaroid glasses provide superior protection, with clear and sharp vision.

With polaroid glasses we therefore reduce eye fatigue, improve contrast and colour perception when we encounter reflections or situations where there is a lot of light.

Great functionality and protection at the same time

One of the key points of polaroid glasses is their functionality, i.e. they are able to adapt to the needs of different circumstances in order to achieve the ideal polaroid glasses. Polaroid glasses can be graduated, adapted to special needs and even vary some material depending on the purpose of use.

Style and design are also essential

Polaroid glasses are no longer only associated with sport or long exposure to the sun, they have become an essential accessory for everyone. Polaroid glasses have designs to suit all kinds of trends, as well as variations in colour, shape, thickness and colour. ….

Durability and resistance

In many occasions, polaroid glasses are used for long duration activities or in more extreme situations, for this reason, they are made of a highly resistant material. In the case of the lenses, they are shockproof and scratch-proof, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Comfort, the most important factor

Polaroid sunglasses have all the advantages we have mentioned above, but they also have the most important of all, comfort. Sunglasses are worn for long hours, so if they are not comfortable, everything else will be in vain.

Now that you know the main characteristics of polaroid sunglasses, let’s take a look at some of the different types of polaroid sunglasses.

Types of polaroid glasses

There are multiple types of polaroid glasses, according to different criteria, so this is just a small difference between big groups.

  • Classic sunglasses: these are polaroid sunglasses used on a daily basis to protect us from the sun and reflections. Their designs are in line with the trends, always keeping the initial essence of the brand.
  • Polaroid sports glasses: as we have mentioned, this type of polaroid glasses is one of the most popular because of all the advantages they provide to sportsmen and women who need to be as comfortable as possible while doing their activities.
  • Polarised sunglasses for driving: one of the activities for which we most need sunglasses is driving, that is why polaroid glasses have special designs that make driving much more comfortable, avoiding annoying rays or reflections that can cause danger. In addition, these can be graduated to achieve total comfort.
  • Polaroid glasses for children: one of the advantages of polaroid glasses was their resistance, so they are a good ally for children. Protecting children’s eyesight is very important to avoid problems when they are growing up.

If you are looking forward to buying your polaroid glasses, don’t hesitate to ask us about any of the models we have.