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We currently see sunglasses as a necessary accessory that gives us a unique touch of personality and style, especially in brands as historic as RayBan. Today we will tell their story and talk about some of the most important models that you should buy at some point because they will never go out of style.

A bit of Ray Ban history

The history of this incredible brand begins at the end of the 30s when the air forces of the American army had the need to use some protection to protect themselves from the sun’s rays to which they were subjected at high altitudes. It was then that Bausch & Lomb created the first glasses for them, initially called Anti Glare but quickly changed to RayBan Aviator.

The increase in the sale of these glasses was marked by the incorporation of these as a complement in civil society, in addition to appearing in different movies or being used by different celebrities. In a few years, Rayban managed to be the accessory that every woman and man wanted to wear.

Rayban glasses models

Since the first model created by RayBan, new frames, lines and lenses have been advanced, updated and created that make some of them exactly what you are looking for.

Ray-ban Aviator

As we have mentioned, the first and most classic model will always be a fashion icon both from years ago and today. It is a RayBan model that you can find with an infinite number of combinations in terms of the color of the metal of the frame and the color of the lenses.

Ray-ban Round

In the 1960s, when the brand began to be marketed to the civilian public, it sought a different model, bringing out the rounded glass model. It became a Rayban frame widely used by musicians and celebrities, being a more unisex model than the Aviator since it was more associated with the male audience.

Hexagonal Ray-ban

It is a small evolution of the above where the design is adapted towards a more current touch with a hippie appearance. again, as in most Rayban models, the possibility of combining the color of the frame and the glass is almost infinite.

Ray Ban Wayfarer

They were the first pasta glasses launched on the market and that, currently, have become one of the most used models by all audiences. There are two possible variables within this, some have an inward inclination, the other model has an angle of 90º.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

These glasses combine the traditional metal frame with plastic. It is an adaptation of the glasses used in Malcolm X during the 50s.

Ray ban erika

It is a model more focused on the female public with a vintage touch, it is mainly due to the size of the crystals since, being larger, it is usually more used by women.

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