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Sunglasses are an integral part of our eye protection and elegance in dress. Finding this quality accessory for women, men, or children can be a daunting task because we can’t find a style that represents us and characterizes our personality.

Sunglasses are glasses that are often tinted or darkened to protect the eyes from direct and unpleasant light. Frames of this type of glass are usually made of metal or synthetic material such as plastic or nylon. Lenses typically have variable ultraviolet (UV) blocking.

Continuous use of good quality sunglasses that are suitable for the face is recommended so that they protect against rays coming from the front and sides, adequately filtering out UV rays that are harmful to the health of your eyes.

Sunglasses Manufactured in Fuengirola

People who normally use prescription glasses for their normal lives need prescription glasses for their daily use. It is an essential element because while correcting vision, it helps protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. They can be a stylish addition and can also free you from your regular glasses. As one of Fuengirola’s best opticians, we in Fuengirola have a wide selection of quality sunglasses for all styles, ages and genders. We strive to provide the highest quality in our personalized consulting and visual measurement services.

Why use prescription sunglasses ?

Prescription sunglasses in Fuengirola are used to prevent vision wear, thus preventing eye irritation while reducing our optical defects. Sunlight can cause an unpleasant reaction in our eyes, in addition to endangering your visual health, even this reaction can lead to conjunctivitis because our eyes are exposed to the sun’s UV radiation. In addition to these ailments, they can lead to long-term vision problems in both your cornea and your crystalline lens.But why should i use a prescription in my glasses? This is usually a very common question among our users. Light eyes are more sensitive than dark eyes, so these people should be more careful about their visual health. This means that because our eyes are very sensitive and can get damaged, using the right optical material is essential so that you don’t strain your vision or cause problems in our eyes.

Types of prescription sunglass lenses

There are different types and colors of sunglass lenses. Each crystal type has an explanation for its functionality.

  • Photochromatic crystals. These are lenses that are not tinted. Sunlight causes the crystals to darken.
  • Mirror crystals. They create a barrier between the UV rays and your eyes. The intensity of sunlight penetrates in a lighter way.
  • Polarized lenses. Polarized glasses, in addition to being a trend in recent years, can be said to be safer than standard sunglasses because they reduce reflections from sunlight and prevent sunlight from scattering. Ideal for driving or in a snowy landscape.
  • Monochrome crystals. There is a wide range of colors to choose from: brown, gray, green, blue, pink, etc. These shades are overpainted to ensure UV exposure.