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Take care of your visual health

At Ópticas Avenida, you can be sure that you have the most advanced technology and designs in your hands.

We perform eye disease prevention, special contact lens fitting.

We will help you find the lenses that work best for you and guide you through their use, regarding care and handling.

Visual therapy or visual training transforms bad visual models into new ways.

Retinography is a diagnostic test that allows us to get an image of the retina or the back of the eye.
Kindness, professionalism and above all good advice guarantee that it would be the perfect glasses for you. Delight with us.
Find the perfect glasses or accessories !

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Opticians in Fuengirola

At Ópticas Avenida, we are a trusted optician with excellent professionals who want to take care of and protect your vision by offering you the best Prescription Glasses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses.

With our opticians in Fuengirola and Mijas, you get a wide range of our highest quality and exceptionally treated products.

ópticas en Fuengirola

Optical centers in Fuengirola

If you are wondering who is the best Opticians in Fuengirola. Come visit any of our three opticians in Fuengirola. If you are interested in a comparison, ask us for an appointment and we will be happy to help you.