Optometry in Fuengirola

At Óptica Avenida, we provide basic vision health care through the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and correction of any non-pathological changes that a patient may experience.
Therefore, you can get an Optometry assessment in Fuengirola to check for visual problems using the steps described above. If your vision problems are related to your lenses, vision care, or possible eye conditions.

At our optician in Fuengirola, we measure refractive changes (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, etc.) as well as functional changes (poor concentration, stressed vision, dual vision, etc.) through changes in vision development and learning.

For all this, we have the latest technical advances and the best equipment as well as instruments for measuring eye strain, equipment that allows us to examine the cornea as a whole, state-of-the-art machines for cutting all types of lenses and the ability to install all types of prescription glasses and sunglasses.

How often should you have an optometry test?

Visual inspections of Fuengirola optometry must be performed to ensure optimal visual quality, to detect and resolve any visual problems in a timely manner.

In order to find these types of problems in a timely manner, we need to run a review for at least a year. But it depends on the age of the clients, previous eye diseases, etc .; In this case, reviews are recommended more often, so our Optometry experts will advise when it is better to perform these reviews.

These reviews are also important for improving our quality of life, as improving our visual quality also improves our daily lives.
When are checks recommended?

• For those under the age of 18, it is recommended that you review the reviews annually, as we have previously stated.
• Screenings of people aged 20-45 should be performed at least every one and a half years to correct vision problems in the workplace.
• From the age of 45, more needs to be done on these vision tests, as from this age on, eye problems are more common and should be performed at least every year.

From artistic changes and functional changes to changes in development and visual learning.

From artistic changes and functional changes to changes in development and visual learning

Optometric treatments in Fuengirola that we perform in our centers


Prevention of ocular diseases such as glaucoma




Visual rehabilitation for the treatment of lazy eyes




Special contact lens fittings


Low vision visual aids.

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